Wednesday, May 25, 2016

An Open Letter to Chewbacca Mom

Dear Mrs. Payne,

My name is Tai Bender. I am a Christian wife and mom, a worship leader and artist. I run an etsy shop and blog for a living. And I am your sister.

Like thousands of other delighted facebook readers, I clicked your video and laughed until I cried. I shared with my husband and he kept asking if I was sure your name was Candace because he was convinced I could have made that video myself. We have many similarities, you and I...similar expressions, body type and love of Chewbacca (best Star Wars character ever). We share a similar sense of humor, laugh, and tendency to clap at ourselves. I even heard you are a Bible Journaler and we were already facebook friends because of the Bible Journaling community.

These shared qualities certainly make us awesome; but above all, as I was watching your video and before you got so many wonderful opportunities to share your story, I knew that you must be a Christian. I have never met you or heard of you but that sort of joy doesnt come from the world. Your video isn't just a feel good giggle from a happy mom. You radiate the true joy of Jesus.

As Christians we learn to recognize our tribe. It is easy to see the fruit. Today I was broadcasting on my periscope channel and the discussion turned to "Chewbacca Mom". I mentioned that I wasn't sure but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Chewbacca Mom were a Christian and many said you were and that you had been sharing Jesus in your adventures. When I completed my Bible Journaling broadcast I sat down to say a prayer for you. I prayed for you to be blessed as you share the joy of the gospel. I shed a few tears of delight as I praised God knowing that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I am proud to call you a Sister in Christ! SHINE ON, CANDACE!!

❤ Tai


  1. Oh Tai! Well said! It is indeed easy to see the fruit of a fellow sister in Christ! I say to you as well as Candace SHINE ON!

  2. Yes!!! Great word Tai! I have been praying for you Candace since the video went viral. Praying for the direction only Holy Spirit can give as you navigate this new season He has brought you into. Praying for stamina and strength and praying protection for your family.

  3. I recollect it right up 'til today. Coming up from the lower floor of the house, I see mother running down the stairs to a similar floor I was going. My sister was not detectable around at that point, being in her room. For Momz