Friday, January 29, 2016

Prepare my Heart - Bible Journaling Exodus

The First5 App has been so very touching to me this week. I am very much enjoying this journey through Exodus. Yesterday I worked through chapter 19. I love how the First5 devotional uses this chapter to point out how we are to prepare our hearts for Worship. All creation trembles in the presence of God. I want my heart to always worship with reverence, fear, trembling, hope and anticipation and I want to be ready. Absolutely ready to do His work whenever I am asked. 

I journaled these pages in response to the First5 devotional from yesterday. If you don't have the app be sure to check it out. It is a brilliant way to conect with God before I ever get out of bed!

I used the NOW RESTOCKED Marquee Alpha Stamps from my Shop and lots of bright acrylics to bring this page to life and remind me to be prepared for God, always.

Happy Friday, Friends!!



  1. Aloha and thanks for sharing Tai. What type of ink do you use when stamping in your bible? I'm not sure what rock I have been under, but I only learned of this great way to creatively go deeper with God this week! I've just joined a facebook group as well which is where I think I got the link to your blog.

    1. Hi! I used Stazon brand ink on this page. It didnt bleed through because of the acrylic paint I added to the page. Sometimes it can bleed but I love it because it is permanent :) Hope that helps! Bible Journaling is so wonderful!

  2. Never heard of the first5 app before. Just downloaded it. Excited!