Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bible Journaling. On Miracles, The Ax Head, and The Wedding

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Hi! Guess what? I got me a new book and I couldn't wait to dive right in! I am reading The Grave Robber by Mark Batterson. Mark is one of my favorite authors. You may recognize him as the author of The Circle Maker. I simply love reading his books! I am able to draw parallels to my own experiences and shed light on God's work in my life that I may not have recognized before. The Grave Robber is an in depth look at seven miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John. I have just started the book and the first miracle happens when Jesus is encouraged by his mother. He turns water to wine at the wedding in Cana. 

One of my favorite themes in the Bible is when we get a glimpse of how much God truly cares for us. Remember the story in 2 Kings chapter 6? Seven little verses tell the tale of God using Elisha to restore a lost ax head to his servant. The servant was devastated when his borrowed ax head landed in the Jordan river but Elisha knew that God would take care of him. He tossed a stick into the water and the iron ax head floated right to the top! Guys, this story is smack in the middle of of 2 amazing tales, the healing of a general and the deliverance of the Israelite Army.  God CARES for us. God ROCKS!

Back to John chapter 2. The Wedding! The hosts were awfully embarrassed to run out of wine before the end of the celebration... I journaled an actual quote from The Grave Robber right onto the margin of my Bible. Batterson says: "I love the fact that this first miracle of Jesus is not about saving a life. It is about saving face! And it reveals how much God cares about the minute details of our lives. God is great not just because nothing is too big. God is great because nothing is too small. It it's a big deal to you, it's a big deal to God."

Nothing is too big or too small for my God!! 



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