Thursday, September 3, 2015

Strength in the Wait

Hi Friends!

Sunday in church the pastor and lay speaker talked about Hannah. I hope you will take some time to ready the first chapter of 1 Samuel. Friends, the amazing strength that Hannah draws from God is mind blowing. The lay speaker pointed out that with all we know about mental illness today it is amazing that Hannah lived to become a mother. Her story is heartbreaking but God used it for good and blessed Hannah with a happy ending. 

I have been thinking about Hannah all week. How she put her true hope in God. She did not stop praying for what she wanted. It could have been easy for her to give up just 1 prayer too short but she persevered and worshiped in her waiting time and she found joy in God's perfect timing. 

I hope you are encouraged today to look for God all around. Keep joy and strength in your waiting. He is there! Don't stop one prayer too short!

That is the heart behind this page in my Bible today. I will put a list of supplies at the bottom of this post for you :) 

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