Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Confession Time - Memory Keeping

Hi friends,

Something a little different today that I am hoping you keep me accountable to do!! Confession: I SUCK at memory keeping. I am not a scrapbooker, I take a lot of photos but rarely print them...I know, its bad. But when I saw the amazing things my friend Heather Greenwood was doing in her Ban.Do planner I was really inspired and I totally think I can do this! Heather really inspired me with her fun planner. Her mixed media style and eye for colors always leave me drooling. 

Sooooo I hopped over to Paper Source and bought myself a Ban.Do planner. Guys, these are so perfect for memory keeping! There are all kinds of big open spaces to get creative and fill with pretties! The planner runs Aug 2015-Dec 2016. I started with last week and documented our little get away and some other fun events. It was reallllly easy. If I can spend an hour on this per week I know I will be thrilled when the weeks start to get more and more filled up! Plus, if we didn't do much one week it gives me an excuse to add more stickers and stamps.

I got to use lots of stamps from my shop, washi from Illustrated Faith, Stickos and Bella Blvd accessories and my Shining Star Boutique planner clips. 

I also went back and filled in August events quickly. I have a feeling September's layout will be a lot more filled! I plan to keep sharing this with you guys! Be sure to check out Heather's planners too. he is so inspiring! 



  1. Did you get the new 2016 planner? Did it start with this month? I love this and it would really help me too with all the craziness going on with 3 teens in my house.

    1. Hi! Yes, this is a 17 month planner. Aug 2015-Dec 2016. :)

    2. Great! Thanks for the quick reply. I better get one before I forget everything from this month.

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I am loving this so much! Isn't the Bando agenda so versatile! I mean there's so much space to plan, journal or both! I find I can unleash my creative urge in it! <3