Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sarah and Isaac

Our church is doing a sermon series on old testament characters. We have been enjoying Lay Speakers give a short introduction to each character and a practical application followed by a message from the pastor. I have been thinking a lot about Sarah and her wait for God to fulfill his promise to her. She didn't always wait patiently. She didn't always make good choices but God was still faithful to follow through and gave her a son in her old age. 

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The Bible says God gave her a son and made her laugh and all who heard what happened would laugh over her. So she named him Isaac - meaning laughter. (Genesis 21:1-7)

I am a mom to a little boy, 9 years old. Sometimes I wonder if all little boys should be named Isaac because, boy! They are hilarious! Well, sometimes they are hilarious and all the time they think they are hilarious. 

I decided to illustrate this in my Bible. I used the stamps in the Proverbs 31 stamp set from my shop to make the cute tag. I embossed the image using VersaMark Watermark Ink and Liquid Platinum Ranger Embossing Powder There was actually a method to my madness with this page. I wanted to use a watercolor rainbow to remind me that God is faithful to fulfill promises and I wanted to put the stamps on the gift tag to remind me of the gift of Motherhood. It is just so very special. 


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  1. Beautiful, and thanks for including your techniques!