Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Round up!

Hello! I have had many requests to have posts with pictures of some pages I did in my Bible before I started this blog so that they are Pinable. Well...wait no more! You can now pin these images to your inspiration board :) If you are not on mobile every image has a PIN mouse over allowing you to pin images individually. 

Get your Pinterest on! Also, you can follow me on Pinterest here

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Here are some of my favorite supplies!


  1. Would you like to know where this concept originated. Visit my Pinterest page "Bible Art by Vicky Murphy" and watch the video from 1990.

    1. I really enjoyed your Pinterest page. I would love if you had any input or advice on my blog. It's new for me to try one. it's "Faith Trust and a Little Dust". Would greatly appreciate it.

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  4. Hello. I have been following your blog for a while. These are absolutely lovely! I am just starting my own blog and would love your feedback. "Faith, Trust and a Little Dust".

  5. Where do you get the tabs!!!! I have looked everywhere for them